The electric unicycle is not just a device for fun, but is also more than suitable for practical use. Short trips where you normally would use a motorized vehicle can now be done with your OneWheel.

People who go to work by public transport will soon recognize all the benefits of the OneWheel. From the first ride to the station, where you normally go by bike, car, or any other common means of transport, you will notice every ride will go smoothly and without any obstacles.

No more traffic in the station area.

No endless search for a parking space with one eye on the clock, followed by a long walk which feels more like a race, and your stress level continues to rise. Only just to arrive on time or maybe just not in time on the platform.

Fortunately, you have a whole train journey time to catch your breath, because soon you have to walk to the office or worm yourself and a crowded bus, tram or subway.

With the OneWheel this will be much easier because you can estimate your travel time very detailed. And this fully equipped and without any sweat stains.

The drive to your office goes much more smoothly because while everyone is waiting for the bus, tram or subway, you are already long gone with your OneWheel.

Small groceries, including a visit to the bakery e.g. is a whole new experience. Enjoy the freedom of the electric unicycle.

Thanks to the Lithium technology, these movements are possible with sufficient capacity.

The autonomy depends on several factors.

Naturally, weight and speed determines the autonomy of the battery but also outside temperature can have an impact, on colder days, you won't be able to ride as long with you OneWheel as on warmer days.