The electric unicycle is an intelligent device which will automatically react on the position of your body, it is easily controllable and can accelerate or slow down by just adjusting your posture. The gyroscopes respond without delay, so if you decide to brake this OneWheel will respond instantly. The electric unicycle is much faster than walking but the speed is such that it is always safe to maneuver between objects and/or people. Your feet are only a few centimeters from the ground so if you have to stop abruptly or you drive into a deep well, you can just put your foot on the ground.

The OneWheel has three safety mechanisms:

The Gotway ACM can notify through three alarms: sound, vibration in the pedals and through the LED lamps.

These alarms come into force at a high speed, low battery and in case of failure or overheating.

There is still no specific legislation on OneWheels. They are allowed because the speed is lower than most of motorized vehicles. Because of this they are also covered by family insurance.