Electric unicycle, monowheel, unicycle, éénwieler, OneWheel

These are all indications for the same, namely, an electrically driven transport mean with one single wheel.

This new trend in personal transport is about to conquer the world. It looks futuristic but we are talking about the future.

The unicycle is the next logical step in the evolution that began with the invention of the wheel.

This evolution has taken some important steps in the history, and inventions ensured that changed the world. As for the bike e.g., a wonderful invention that ensured that it became possible to conquer longer distances with relatively little effort. A beautiful piece of art that has passed the ravages of time and continues to evolve.

We are now at the point where the bicycle is electrically operated so even greater distances can be covered with less effort.

The same story can be found with the motorcycle and moped.One by one practical vehicles and yet they have to give in to the mono wheel because all these vehicles must be parked and it can be difficult or impossible to be taken on public transport.

And then I hear you thinking: “what about the Segway or the Hooverboard?”

Again wonderful devices and inventions. The Segway has paved the way for a new generation of transport.

The Segway is still a great device and is easy to drive, but it remains a large and heavy thing, beside the high cost, it is almost impossible to carry on public transport.

Two arguments which are not applicable to the Hoverboard.

The Hooverboard has a lot in common with the OneWheel, but with two wheels it is less agile and is more difficult to manoeuvre between obstacles.

And finally, the car which can travel great distances in a relatively safe and a very comfortable way. But each time we arrived at our destination, we face the same problem every time:

Finding a parking spot.This problem can be solved easily by parking our car on the outskirts of the city and move from there on our OneWheel.

The same can be done with bicycle, moped or motorcycle as a monowheel is compact can easily be carried as a backpack or on the luggage rack.

Your electric unicycle does not need to replace your usual means of transport but can be a wonderful addition.